Aging Gracefully: Health and Safety Tips for Seniors

          Photo via Pixabay by Congerdesign   Aging Gracefully: Health and Safety Tips for Seniors by Maria Cannon Aging gracefully involves many things; staying healthy is a priority, but safety is also a crucial part of getting older. For many seniors, making sure their home and lifestyle are in line with those imperatives can be difficult. You may have a disability that makes things a bit more challenging, or you might be on a budget that requires you to limit the amount of money you spend on improving your home to make sure it’s safe and accessible. Many seniors find it hard to get used to a different diet when they’re focusing on their health, especially if they’re living with diabetes or other conditions that require big changes.   Fortunately, there are several things you can do to boost your health and safety no matter your age or lifestyle,starting with maintaining or adopting the right mindset. Everything that’s going on in the world, combined with the challenges we all face on any given day, can make it easy to focus on the negative. But positive thinking can help improve your health and help you live longer.…

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Character is the willingness to accept responsibility for one's own life... is the source from which self respect springs. ~ Joan Didion  

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Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. – Joshua Marine Life is full of challenges.  If you don't have any in your life, you are either totally blessed, or you're not really living your life.  There are obstacles and challenges no matter where you look.  I don't know if I necessarily agree with the author of the quote saying they make life interesting.  I personally think that some challenges can be stressful, or overwhelming.  Some challenges can even make you want to give up and quit. But most of us don't quit. We persevere, we push forward and we conquer our challenges.  The author of the quote says that's what makes life meaningful. I'm not sure I agree with that.  Success isn't what makes life meaningful to me.  Being the best person you can be is what I think gives likfe meaning.  However, overcoming challenges will bring about feelings of joy and satisfaction. Live your life to the best of your ability, and face the challenges that come your way.  Face them with grace, strength and determination and enjoy your life.      

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Free Yourself

Free yourself from your past mistakes, by forgiving yourself for what you have done or went through. Every day is another chance to start over. – Unknown There is nothing more painful to deal with than our own self-imposed guilt.  I like knowing that you can free yourself from the guilt if you choose to do so.  That's the thing, thought.  A lot of people choose to hang on to guilt and beat themselves up over past mistakes, myself included. I don't know why people do that, again myself included.  If someone you loved, or someone you worked with made a mistake, would you hold it against them for years and years and continually heap abuse on them for making that mistake?  Probably not, yet if you're like me, you have no problem doing it to yourself over and over again, and it's just not healthy.  I can be driving down the road minding my own business when something that happened years ago will pop into my head and I'll start beating myself up for it all over again.  I need to forgive myself and free myself for my past mistakes just like you need to free yourself. The great…

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Love Your Life

Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and enjoying it for everything that it is. – Mandy Hale I am all for setting goals, and trying to make your life the best that it can be. Sometimes though, we get so caught up in reaching for our goals that we forget to love the life we're living right now. I would never tell anyone to give up on your goals and dreams, and don't give up trying to make your life better, as long is it's your vision.  If you're aiming for a target that somebody else has chosen for you, that's a different story.  You're never going to be happy if you are continually aiming for something that isn't your dream or goal.  That means your not living your life and you won't be able to love your life because it's not a life of your own choosing. True happiness will come when you let go of the vision of life somebody else has put in place for you.  Let it go and enjoy the life of your own choosing. Don't just enjoy your life, love your life.  Love the life…

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Think Outside the Box

When you know what you want, and want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to get it. – Jim Rohn The first time I read this, my immediate thought was UNTRUE, but then I started to think outside the box.  I'm never going to flap my arms and take off in flight - ever.  No matter how hard I try that just isn't going to happen. That being said, I can certainly buy a plane ticket, or learn how to fly a plane or how to go hang gliding. At one point, I really wanted to publish a book.  The only problem with that is I'm not a writer.  At least, I'm not a writer who is probably ever going to write something that is good enough to get noticed by a literary agent and picked up by a publisher.  However if you go to Amazon and look under my name, you're going to find a book that I wrote called Thinking Positive: Take the Journey into Positivity that I self-published. Not exactly conventional, but a clear case of a way to think outside the box. If you want something bad enough, really want it with every fiber of…

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Take Out the Trash

You can’t litter negativity everywhere and then wonder why you’ve got a trashy life. – Unknown It's time to take out the trash in your life. I'm not talking about the literal trash, though it's a good idea to take that out regularly. I'm talking about the negativity that you all to fill up your life.  I don't care how positive a person you are, you still have negativity in your life.  It may not come from you, but it's there, nonetheless. Do you watch the news?  Well the news just bombards you with negativity.  Do you read the paper?  Same.  Do you scroll through Facebook?  Well I think that Facebook is, without a doubt, a bastion of negativity. Do you work?  I don't think there is anything you can say that would convince anybody that your workplace is free of negativity!  I'm not even going to discuss the negativity that is in our news, and I think we all have that one person at work that sucks all the positivity from the air, but what about Facebook?  There are cute kitten videos and pictures of dinner and positive groups with positive quotes, and people arguing about politics and creatively…

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I’d Love Your Help

Hey everyone..... I've invited people to submit guest posts before, and that offer is still open....I love hearing what you have to say! Today, I had another idea.  I spend lots of time looking for positive quotes, and finding quotes that speak to me or are meaningful to me.  Now, I'd like to hear from you.  I'd like to hear what your favorite positive quotes are, and why.  And I'd like to incorporate them into the daily positive thought. This blog isn't just for me, it's for everybody, and I'd like to hear what others have to say.  So find a couple of your favorite positive quotes, or quotes that motivate you, and send them along to me at with a few words about why the quote is important to you and I'll share it on here.  And if you don't want your name put out there, just use a pseudonym. Have a great week!

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Inner Voice

Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. - Steve Jobs I've talked a lot about not listening to your inner voice when it's trying to fill your head with negativity.  Today, I want to talk about listening to your inner voice.  See your inner voice, conscience or intuition, whatever you want to call it, can actually be pretty wise.  In fact, it can be down right useful.  You just need to know when to listen.  You don't want to listen when it's telling you negative things, that's a given.  Your inner voice has another job, and that's to keep you on track. We constantly get pummeled on all sides from from outside sources telling us what to wear, how to walk, what to eat and drink and what to think, basically those outside sources are trying to tell us how to live our lives. Sometimes those people may have a good idea and may know what their talking about.  Maybe a teacher in school has a suggestion for a possible career path that never occurred to you.  Or mom and dad telling you when you're younger to button your coat.  Things like that are…

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Pity Party

Feeling sorry for yourself, and your present condition, is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you could possibly have. - Dale Carnegie Everybody occasionally feels sorry for themselves, and I'm willing to bet that everyone had indulged in a good old fashioned pity party a time or two. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but when you continually feel sorry for yourself and through continual pity parties, you are harming only yourself. Think about it, when you feel sorry for yourself, you're reinforcing the negative feelings that you already have. Instead you should be looking for ways to turn your thinking around. You want to get in the habit of thinking positively, not having a pity party and thinking negatively. Things go wrong, plans go awry and to put it bluntly, shit happens.  And no, when things go wrong you're probably not going to stand there and say "Oh goody, this is a total catastrophe!" with a giant grin on your face.  You're going to get angry, and upset and that's okay.  That's healthy! There is a difference between getting angry in the moment and then wallowing in it and throwing yourself a pity party.  Just…

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