You are Special

Did you know you are so incredibly special? You didn’t? Seriously? Well, you are, and I’m privileged to know you. In fact, you kinda rock! I’m thinking you rock so much that you should have business cards printed and everything! Self-esteem is a wonderful thing, and we're so busy trying to bolster the self-esteem of everyone else that we forget about ourselves. Think about it seriously, how often do you take time for yourself, or do something nice for yourself, or even think nice thoughts about yourself. Chances are, if you're like everybody else, it's next to never. Well, I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind you (and myself) that we all rock!

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Laugh at Your Mistakes

The best response to a "mistake" is laughter. Laughter is like a gymnastics move for the respiratory system. So the next time you make a "mistake", do a swing, circle, and a double flip on the uneven bars... then... release. I guess it's true, the best thing you can do is laugh at mistakes. I, however, am not that enlightened. When I make a mistake, I tend to beat myself up over it, or worse, try and laugh it off only to have it linger in my memory forever, surfacing as an embarrassing reminder at the worst possible moment. I'm trying though, to learn to laugh off and not dwell on them. They're called mistakes for a reason. It's not something you've done on purpose. And if you (or I) can learn to laugh at my mistakes, we'll be better off because the old pundit is true, laughter is the best medicine.

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Open Yourself to the Good

Open yourself to all the good that is out there. What? There isn’t any? Are you sure, because where I’m standing I see a world that has you in it. And from where I’m standing, it doesn’t get any better than that! I spend my days surrounded by people who insist the world is a miserable place and everything sucks and there is nothing good out there at all. My heart breaks for them because they're missing the fact that they can be the good in the world. They have an opportunity to make a difference in the world, and in the lives of others. All they need to do is open themselves up to the possibilities.

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Go the Distance

With persistence you can go the distance. I don’t care if it’s Kamchatka, Sydney, outer Botswana, Boston, or next door. Just don’t forget to send me a postcard when you get there! So many times we get caught up in the oh, I can't do that mindset. But the thing is, we can do ANYTHING we put our minds to. It may not be easy, in fact, it may be down right HARD, but if you want it bad enough you can do it. When I wrote this positive thought, I used distance literally,but it's not a physical distance thing.  The premise can be applied to anything. If you want it, put your mind to it, start working toward it and reach out and grab it.  You can do it, you can do anything you set your mind to.

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When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons, don’t waste your time making lemonade – make a lemon meringue pie. Who wants lemonade when you can have pie – unless you like lemonade, then I say go for it! I've always hated the expression when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Lemonade is freaking sour and bitter unless you add enough sugar and then all that sugar makes it not good for you.  When I first came up with this this positive thought, I had originally written it so that saying make a Tom Collins, but I figured saying go out and drink probably wasn't too positive either, so i switched to yummy lemon meringue pie.  The point is, when get handed a a bunch of blah, take it and use it to make something better happen.  You can do it and it's a heck of a lot better than holding on to the handful of blah.

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Count Your Blessings

You've heard the expression "Count your blessings?" Do it. I bet you'll be totally surprised at how many great things there are in your life. From 3/18/09 This was originally sent out as a Daily Positive Thought back in March of 2009, and can I just say it's just as true today as it was the day I first sent it out. I have been sitting here this morning feeling very sorry for myself and thinking about how MISERABLE my existence is right now. I needed this proverbial Gibbs slap upside the back of my head (yes I watch way too much NCIS). My existence is NOT miserable. I have a job that I fought to get, I have two simply amazing and wonderful kids, I have a car that's paid off, and I have a place to live. I am so fortunate that it's not even funny. Is everything going exactly the way I want? No, because this is real life. Everything is not going to 100 percent perfect 100 percent of the time. But I'm learning to view the road blocks, bumps and even mistakes as detours to a better experience. I am an incredibly fortunate person and…

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Imagination is Everything

Einstein said imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions. What are your coming attractions?  I can't wait to see the trailer....I have the popcorn ready. I have a vivid imagination - too vivid sometimes. It's always been incredibly easy for me to get lost in a dream world. As a child, I was a champion at playing 'Let's Pretend.' As a teen (and an adult) it was so easy to get lost in day dreams - usually at a time when I was supposed to be focusing. I used to get criticized for being so dreamy, and for a long time in adulthood, I tried to put a damper on my imagination and 'live in the here and now.' It was hard, and I wasn't successful and I was miserable. Then one day I read the book The Secret and I realized that daydreams and imagination are good things. They help you figure out what you want and where you want to be. Like Einstein said, imagination is the preview of life's coming attractions. He was a pretty smart guy, if he thought imagination was good, I'm going to roll with it!

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You are Unique

Thank you for being the unique individual that you are.  My world would be a far lonelier place without you in it. When I posted this Positive Daily Thought, I was originally thinking of the teenagers that I work with and those I love with. The STRUGGLE so hard to be a perfect clone of one another. I look at pictures of them in a group and it's so hard to figure out who is who because they all dress the same and all wear their clothing and make up the exact same way. But occasionally, one of them will dare to be different, even if only for a little while and then you get the opportunity to see what a unique individual they are and how much they have to offer the word. Each and every person is a unique individual, and when you let that individuality show through, you really shine.

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You Deserve It!

Give yourself a compliment, a smile or a pat on the back every day. You deserve it. For the most part, we're well brought up people. We say please and thank you, we hold doors for people and we compliment people on their appearance and a job well done. Our mom's and dad's would be proud of us.  These are all good things, but I think that sometimes, we get so caught up in doing the right thing and complimenting others, we forget about ourselves.  It's important to do the right thing for ourselves.  Does that mean we forget common courtesies toward others or not compliment them on a nice outfit or a job well done?  No, of course not, just remember to acknowledge yourself for a job well done as well.

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